Girl saying Shema before going to sleep with the words in Hebrew above her

Kriat Sh’ema Al Hamita – Part 2

Kriat Sh’ema Al Hamita – Part 2

Anava, Rabbi Alon
June 15, 2023

When our soul leaves our body at night, it writes a ‘journal’ of what we did that day, and we sign it. We will be shown this journal when we go to shamayim (the upper spiritual world of souls and angels) after our life on this physical earth. One can erase the sins they wrote in this journal by doing teshuva.


We create destructive angels when we sin and negative energy, called klipa. The way to kill these is through this prayer service with proper intention and sincerity.


Kriyat Shema al Ha’Mita is one of the most powerful acts one can do in the day, guaranteeing that half of your mental, emotional, and physical problems will disappear. You will wake differently and will be able to function much better.