Tammuz written in a sun

Tammuz – Time for Transformation

Tammuz – Time for Transformation

Ginsburgh, Rabbi Yitzchak
June 19, 2023

“The month of Tammuz is associated with sight. This means that the month of Tammuz is the best month of the year to learn to exercise our sight in the most positive way possible.


Rectified sight involves both shying away from that which is negative (an ability associated in Kabbalah with our left eye) and training ourselves to see things in a positive light (associated with our right eye).”


Hashem commands us in The Torah: “Don’t follow after your heart and eyes, after which you stray” (Numbers 15:39).


Our eyes are like cameras to the soul (neshama). What we see affects us and improper sight can cause us to damage our soul.


It is vital to guard our sight against unhealthy images and influences.  We have taken away half the battle if we don’t look at things we should not be engaging in.