Elul written in English in a wheat field

The King in the Field

The King in the Field

Schneerson, Rabbi Menachem M.
August 17, 2023

… in Elul it is G-d Who initiates the relationship by revealing His Thirteen Attributes of Mercy, [which] refer to an unlimited expression of divine love.


… During Elul the king is in the field: G-d reveals Himself at a level which can be apprehended by man within the framework of his mundane reality.


A field is a place where grain grows. Growing grain and converting it into the food which sustains us requires a great deal of effort.


…most of our time is spent dealing with our material needs and earning the means by which to provide for them…


G-d created the world so that He could have a ‘dwelling place in the lower worlds.’


The king’s presence in the field represents the ultimate purpose of creation. Our efforts must be directed towards bringing G-dliness into our material world.

G-d’s presence must be found not only in the royal palace, i.e., where spirituality is manifest; rather, even the lowest realms of existence must be transformed into a dwelling place for Him.”