The Purpose of Creation – Part 4

The Purpose of Creation – Part 4

Emor Project
August 22, 2023

Our Task in This World


Our task is to cling to Kedusha (Divine Holiness) and counteract the Sitra Achra (Evil Inclination). Evil does not have any independent or concrete existence. It is just the ‘illusion of something other than Hashem’ and lacks consistency.


This illusion stems primarily from the way our world is structured. In Gan Eden, things were structured in a manner that demonstrated with utmost clarity that Hashem was the Origin and Ruler of everything.


In our reality, made out of material bodies and objects primarily seen and perceived as autonomous entities, it is not immediately understood that everything comes from the same Origin. Consequently, we are driven to think that there are multiple entities and powers independent of Hashem.


This erroneous thinking applies to both negative and positive experiences. When something negative happens, people attribute it to it many causes but rarely understand that all comes from Hashem for a specific purpose. Similarly, when good things happen, like significant achievements, monetary success, etc., people think it is uniquely due to their capabilities, efforts, etc. They fail to recognize that it is actually from Hashem and only from Him.


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