Jewish man in a tallit prayer shawl blowing the shofar

Demystifying Yom Kippur

Demystifying Yom Kippur

Glick, Rabbi Yisroel
September 21, 2023

“Every time we do something right, we fortify our soul and bring God into the world a little bit more, making the world a better place.


When we do the opposite, we chip away at our soul and we weaken our connection to its source (Hashem).


The soul can be damaged, but at its deepest core, it is untouchable…; it always remains flawless and pristine.


For the most part, the deepest part of our soul doesn’t play an active role in daily life… but [on] Yom Kippur, the core of every soul is [awakened, allowing it] to shine, [and] bringing each of us to a place where the damage we’ve caused, all those little chips, simply do not exist…, where we can start afresh and move forward joyfully and energetically.”