Picture of a table and chairs set in a sukah with lights around the side

The Holy of Holies and the Sukkah

The Holy of Holies and the Sukkah

Trugman, Rabbi Avraham Arieh
September 28, 2023

“The mystic sod tradition teaches that when a Jew sits in the sukkah – underneath the sechach, which symbolizes the Shechinahs [Divine Presence] protective wings – it is just as if he is in the Holy of Holies.


The High Priest’s experience when he entered the innermost sanctuary and the transcendent experience every Jew had when hearing the shofar blasts are transformed into the physical space of the sukkah.


For an entire week we are enveloped by the Shechinah and encouraged to meditate on the deepest stirrings of our hearts and souls.


By shaking the four species over the course of the holiday we symbolically translate these feelings into a practical plan of action to be put into play in the new year.”