Shabbat is more than a day of refraining from worldly activity.

When experienced to its spiritual fullest, its holiness enlightens all other days of the week.

We invite you to enhance your Shabbat with these words of Torah.


Man sitting on a bench by the beach watching the waves

At 90, A Man Turns Around His Life

At 90, A Man Turns Around His Life

Jacobson, Rabbi YY
October 27, 2023

“… G-d spoke it, and speaks it, to every human person.


And His message is: Lech Lecha. Move on. Get out of your rut. Step out of your biases, blind spots, fears, insecurities, traumas, and all the voices that limit you, and turned you into a limited and fearful human being.


Go away from your superficial self and open yourself up to the Divine infinite light at the core of your being.


G-d calls to each of us and says: Step away from your narrow perspective and begin to see things from My perspective, from the vantage point of ultimate truth and infinite oneness.


… And in that, you will arrive at your truest self, at your deepest core.  Abraham … heard the call—and acted on it…. and that’s how and why, he became the first Jew—and changed history.”