IDF soldiers holding up green Tzitzit

The Mitzvah of Tzitzit

The Mitzvah of Tzitzit

Emor Project
November 3, 2023

“Speak to the children of Israel and you shall say to them that they shall make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments, throughout their generations, and they shall affix a thread of sky blue [wool] on the fringe of each corner… and when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of the Lord to perform them and you shall not wander after your hearts and after your eyes after which you are going astray.”

(Bamidbar 15:38-39)


Tzizit, like other mitzvot, contains multiple levels of meaning.


On a basic level, looking at the tzitzit serves as a reminder to observe the Torah.


The gematria (numerical value of the letters of the Hebrew word) also reinforces this message: The numerical value of the Hebrew letters for tzitzit total 600, and the 8 strings plus five knots on the tzitzit add up to 613, the total number of mitzvot.


On a deeper level, tzitzit functions as a vessel to bring a portion of the upper divine light, known as the Ohr Haganuz (hidden light) into this world.


This special light, which was created on Day 1 of creation but saved for the righteous in the next world, increases the goodness and divine presence in this world and can also serve as a protective force from evil influences.


In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there are many things in this world that might draw us away from God and our commitment to the Torah.


If our eyes, the primary channel that connects us to the outside world, are exposed to improper sights, it negatively affects our souls.


Wearing tzitzit reminds us not to stray from Torah and to maintain our belief in and commitment to God.