Galit Distel holding Israeli flag in front of a crowd

Speech by Israeli Knesset Member Galit Distel

Speech by Israeli Knesset Member Galit Distel

Distel, Galit; Israeli Knesset Member
November 7, 2023

“I saw a clip of Margalit Megidish, mother of Ori Megidish (the hostage in Gaza who was just freed), performing the mitzvah of hafrashat challah (separating a piece of dough before baking challah) a few days before her daughter returned. She asks Hashem for mercy and to return her daughter.


But in the middle of her prayer, while she was crying and trying to cope with the unbelievable amount of tension of having a child kidnapped in Gaza, she declared, ‘Hakadosh Baruch Hu, I love You!’ I couldn’t believe what I heard at that moment. I love you? My goodness, your daughter is in Gaza, in the hands of Hamas! How can you say to God at that moment, ‘I love You?’


I realized that, in truth, I was jealous of her. This declaration is spirituality on the highest level! Of a person who understands that there is Divine providence and that God is good, even if you are in the darkest of places.


I also believe in God, but only in a general sense, when I am safe at home, and everything is fine, not when my child is in grave danger.


Margalit, I want to tell you: You are my role model! I wish I could reach your level of faith in sanctifying God’s Name. Please, Margalit, continue to pray for the rest of the hostages and all of the soldiers with your special prayers and connection to God.