Shabbat is more than a day of refraining from worldly activity.

When experienced to its spiritual fullest, its holiness enlightens all other days of the week.

We invite you to enhance your Shabbat with these words of Torah.


Vayechi written in Hebrew and English

A Small Glimpse of the Larger Picture

A Small Glimpse of the Larger Picture

Adlerstein, Rabbi Yitzchok
December 28, 2023

“After the burial of Yaakov, Yosef’s brothers became afraid. They feared that perhaps Yosef still bore a grudge against them because of what they had done to him. The brothers turned to Yosef, pleading for forgiveness.


…Yosef reassured his brothers that  G-d  meant it all for good…


Yosef was proving to them that the entire incident must have been influenced from above – from  G-d, and that it was not from their own hearts and desires that they did it. Yosef explained to them that when they plotted to kill him, it was against nature. It was – quite literally – unnatural behavior. Even the Egyptians know that brothers don’t kill brothers! It was clearly impossible that the righteous sons of Yaakov would even contemplate such a horrible thing.


So how could it happen? It could only happen through the hand of  G-d, acting to fulfill His will, to provide salvation during the hunger and to cause the family to move to Egypt. So these are true words of comfort!


We need to constantly remind ourselves that  G-d  controls His world. Most of the time, however, He hides His influence. We are unable to see the hashgacha – that  G-d  is really controlling His world. We often don’t understand why things happen. We don’t have answers.


It is only rarely that  G-d  does allow us to see and understand a small aspect of His influence. Shidduchim, the coming together of young men and women to marry, are specifically known as an area where G-d’s influence is present. In my own case, I can trace a series of events that date back two full years, that in one small way, led to this particular shidduch.


It is only a tiny glimpse. It was not visible in advance and it only relates to one small aspect of the shidduch. But there are so many aspects of hashgacha, of Divine Guidance, of which we never become aware.


We must strive to utilize the small hints of hashgacha that  G-d  allows us to see, to help us endure during times whenG-d completely hides His presence – when we see His hand, it must strengthen us during those times when we don’t see and don’t understand… ”