Shabbat is more than a day of refraining from worldly activity.

When experienced to its spiritual fullest, its holiness enlightens all other days of the week.

We invite you to enhance your Shabbat with these words of Torah.


Sefer Torah in front of Har Sinai with the Luchot

Keeping In Touch – Vol. 1: Yisro

Keeping In Touch – Vol. 1: Yisro

Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
February 1, 2024

“How can a limited mortal relate to an unlimited G-d?… If He is G-d, He is, by definition, infinite and unbounded, and thus above our comprehension. How then can we establish a connection to Him?


Our Sages focused on this question in the Midrash, stating that before the giving of the Torah, the spiritual status of the world… The heavens, the spiritual realms, were self-contained;… And mankind, living as we do in the earthly realm, had no way of tapping into the spiritual.


At the Giving of the Torah, this changed. G-d allowed for communication between these two realms… G-d made Himself manifest and accessible to mankind.

The Torah contains teachings that brings G-d within reach of our understanding, for He has invested Himself in the Torah and its laws.

This revelation is complemented by the mitzvos which gives us guidelines with which we can conduct our lives in a G-dly manner and relate our actions to Him… Through the mitzvos, not only our feelings and our thoughts, but also our deeds can be brought into connection with Him.


In this manner, the revelation at Sinai becomes not only a story of history, but an event which has immediate relevance to our lives today… In the blessings we recite each day before Torah study, we refer to G-d as ‘the Giver of the Torah,’ using a present tense form. And the present leads to the future, when we will witness the culmination of the process begun at Sinai with the coming of Mashiach.”


Excerpts from Keeping In Touch based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe from the Sichos in English Collection, adapted by Eli Touger