IDF commander in uniform sharing miracles he witnessed

Sabbath Oath: IDF Commander Survives Hamas Attack

Sabbath Oath: IDF Commander Survives Hamas Attack

February 8, 2024

[A secular officer found himself called to duty on October 7th, experiencing a moment that profoundly transformed him. Heading to the south armed with his personal weaponry and a supply of ammunition, he and his friend found themselves pinned down behind a wall, under heavy fire, and facing RPGs aimed in their direction. In that harrowing moment, they were certain it would be their last.]

His friend turned to him and said, “ Listen, if we get out of this place, I will start keeping Shabbat. It is impossible to explain. Just as he is saying this, 20 or 30 seconds pass by, then we hear the amount of shooting, which was extremely close, start to distance itself from us.”

[The officer explains that he is not religious; he is a secular guy. But in that moment, it was clear Hashem was with them.]

“I want to tell you something: stop asking where God was in the holocaust, where was God on October 7th? He was always there; where were we?”

[Hashem has always been present in our lives, yet there are times we might lose sight of this truth. It is during these moments that we are often reminded, sometimes through challenges, of Hashem’s enduring presence. Such experiences serve as wake-up calls, prompting us to recognize and embrace the reality that suffering can lead to greater awareness and growth. As we face life’s trials, it’s crucial for us to reflect on our actions and take responsibility, recognizing our shortcomings and striving for self-improvement, instead of placing blame solely on Hashem.]

– Quotes from the video