Roi Assaraf interviewed after surviving Nova Festival

Roi’s Miracle AFTER Escaping the Oct. 7th Nova Massacre

Roi’s Miracle AFTER Escaping the Oct. 7th Nova Massacre

February 8, 2024

“He protected us, and we decided to keep Shabbat… we are being strengthened by the merit of what happened.”

Roi Assaraf tells his story about how he was saved from the October 7th massacre and how the experience inspired him and his wife to begin a path of return to religious observance. They are keeping Shabbat, practicing marital purity laws, adhering to modesty laws, and committing to daily tefillin wearing.

Roi has been actively engaging in Kiruv Initiatives [connecting Jews to Judaism]. He primarily shares his experiencesprovides in America and spiritual guidance. He encourages Jews from diverse backgrounds to connect with Hashem through prayer, mitzvot, and good deeds.

Additionally, he is compiling a book on the experiences of Nisim V’Niflaot (miracles and wonders) shared by those who survived the Nova festival and those taken hostage by Hamas. This book aims to inspire and strengthen people’s connection to Hashem, ensuring these powerful stories have a meaningful impact.