Ilan Muallem, American Actor talking about his jewish identity

Thank You Jew Haters! A powerful message from Ilan Muallem.

Thank You Jew Haters! A powerful message from Ilan Muallem.

February 8, 2024

“Jewish identity was completely secondary in my life, I never even thought about it … After October 7th, seeing the way the world responded… seeing the amount of Jew-hatred, kind of woke up my Jewish side.”

In this reflection, Ilan shares a profound transformation in his view of his Jewish identity. Before October 7th, he had yet to actively engage with or place much importance on his Jewish heritage. It was not a defining element of his identity or daily existence.
However, the tragic massacre of hundreds of Israeli Jews on October 7th marked a turning point, leading to a significant reevaluation. The incident, followed by a noticeable increase in anti-Semitic sentiment globally, prompted Ilan to reassess his stance.

This ordeal acted as a powerful catalyst, igniting a newfound awareness and connection to his Jewish roots. Ilan recognized the significance of his heritage, especially in the face of growing external challenges and prejudice.