Rav Yehudah Saadya from Arutz 2000

“Don’t come in here, it’s dangerous!” It is unbelievable what miracles happen there in Gaza

“Don’t come in here, it’s dangerous!” It is unbelievable what miracles happen there in Gaza

February 13, 2024

‘Why did this happen?’ [echoes a broader divine intention—to guide His children back to repentance and the path of His Torah.]

Since October 7th, Israel has been thrown into extreme turmoil, experiencing tragedies of tremendous proportions. This has prompted questions about whether Hashem’s presence remains among the Jewish people during this time. However, Israeli rabbis assert that the Divine presence can be discerned for those who look carefully. Many miraculous stories have been reported that can inspire us to return to Hashem and a life of Torah.

A mother receives a call from an unfamiliar number in one poignant account. On the line is her son, a soldier currently fighting in Gaza. He relates that he is using the phone of a terrorist eliminated by his unit, and he then shares a miraculous encounter with an individual with the appearance of a righteous elderly rabbi, studying Torah outside a building in Gaza, warning them of danger from booby-trapped entrances. After they moved, the building exploded, and the same scenario was repeated a short time later outside a different structure. The soldiers realized the individual was a heavenly angel sent to protect them from harm.

In another incident that took place on October 7th, a woman hid in her closet to escape the terrorists who had infiltrated her house and were searching for her. She took a small copy of the Zohar and recited passages from it continuously for ten hours. During that time, she saw the letters from the page float into the air. She felt herself elevated above the physical world, connecting to the spiritual world above, and in this manner, she was saved.

In recognizing these divine interventions, we can find solace and affirmation that Hashem’s watchful gaze guides us through adversity.

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