IDF soldiers holding a Sefer Torah and an Israeli flag

Editor’s Notes: War with Hamas pushes Israelis closer to God

Editor’s Notes: War with Hamas pushes Israelis closer to God

Klein, Mr. Zvika
March 5, 2024

Following the October 7 massacre, a notable shift occurred among secular Israelis. This individual’s transition from a secular lifestyle to adopting religious practices like daily prayers, observing Shabbat, and increasing acts of charity represents a wider trend.

“Since October 7, I have embraced several commitments:
Tefillin [phylacteries worn during prayer]… morning prayers, … observing Shabbat, … reciting Birkat Hamazon [the blessing after meals], …blessing every food and drink consumed throughout the day, increasing acts of charity, saying the Asher Yatzar [blessing recited after using the restroom], … Before this period, my life was entirely secular; since October 7, that lifestyle has undergone a profound transformation.”

The text above, written on Facebook by a supposedly secular Israeli, is the perfect example of how many Israelis have been coping with or reacting to the October 7 massacre.

… I’ve heard many anecdotes about secular Israelis who began speaking in a religious or spiritual way….

… We’re witnessing a rebirth of spiritual engagement as a cornerstone for healing and hope.

A Facebook group… called “Seculars who keep Shabbat.” …boasting 10,000 members, has hosted non-stop discussions on religion and Shabbat. One post that particularly struck me speaks volumes:
“On October 7, we were given numerous signs that we had neglected our Judaism and our very essence – signs as unmistakable as an elephant. Sadly, not everyone grasped or internalized these messages. Nonetheless, a significant number are now taking a moment for introspection.”

EXCERPT FROM: Editor’s Notes: War with Hamas pushes Israelis closer to God  – by Zvika Klein – JPOST.COM