Ori Megidish, freed hostage in uniform

Mitzvot Save Israeli Hostage Ori Megidish

Mitzvot Save Israeli Hostage Ori Megidish

March 13, 2024

Ori Megidish, a young female Israeli soldier, was taken captive by Hamas on October 7 and held as a hostage in Gaza. Her family committed to keep mitzvot in her merit. Her Uncle vowed to keep Shabbat if Ori returned healthy. The day after that Shabbat Ori was released in good health.

Taken hostage

Ori Megidish was one of the soldiers kidnapped from Camp Oz by Hamas on October 7. Her family was in shock and heartbroken. They did not know what to do. They saw a photo of her with her hands zip-tied behind her back and despite their devastation this picture gave them hope, as they knew she was alive. 

Vow to keep Mitzvot in merit of Ora being released

The family decided to take on mitzvot as a merit for Ori to be released. Ori’s Mother, Maggie, covered her hair and made challa for Shabbat. She separated the challa as required by Jewish law. Prior to saying the blessing upon making challa, she prayed “Hashem (God), I love you, I love you. God, don’t let me down. Please.” At the same time, the town where Ori lives brought out Torah scrolls and danced around them in joy.  One Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) was brought to Ori’s bedroom. This was all to celebrate the Torah in the merit of saving Ori

Just before Shabbat commenced, Ori’s cousins, the sons of her uncle Maurice Elol, phoned him and pleaded with him to do something. They said that everyone else has found something to do in the merit of getting Ori back, and that he had to also do something. Maurice thought about it and vowed right before Shabbat, “If Ori comes back healthy and well, I will keep all the Shabbatot from now on.” 

The freeing of the Israeli soldier

On Sunday night, the day after that Shabbat, just one soldier, one person was released, Ori Megidish. Maurice was so emotional. He called his sons who said “Father, look how your commitment to keep Shabbat has saved Ori. God heard your prayers!” They all started to cry as they realized the significance of keeping Shabbat

Ori returned home to a town full of celebration and giving thanks to God for her safe release. When Maurice went to the house, he saw Ori’s Father and said, “Didn’t I tell you she has supervision from above?”

The commitment to continue keeping Shabbat after her release

Since Ori was released from Gaza, Maurice has kept Shabbat and puts on Tefillin daily. A miracle happened in front of him, and opened his eyes. Maurice simply says “Have faith in God, and pray. God loves us and hears our prayers. Do what you can. Be united. There will be miracles and wonders.” 

The content above is a combination of a summary and quotes taken from the video.