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Meet Yehuda – A commander in the IDF “It’s a miracle story but it’s also our story of the Jewish people”

Meet Yehuda – A commander in the IDF “It’s a miracle story but it’s also our story of the Jewish people”

March 14, 2024

Yehuda, a commander in the Israeli Army, was in a camp just outside Gaza. He was on the phone on a Sunday during the war in Gaza and was promised that all the children in a religious school would say Tehillim, Psalms, for his safety for 10 minutes. 10 minutes later a missile from Gaza landed in the middle of his platoon of 19 soldiers. The missile failed to explode. 

School children say Psalms for Yehuda’s safety

Yehuda related that he was called on the Sunday morning to ask where he was. Yehuda said that I told him, “Listen. I’m in Kfar Aza, and it’s bad.” He said, “What can we do?” “Pray for us. This is what we need right now.” “Okay, I’m in my son’s cheder [religious school] and we will say Tehillim now”. And he told me that “after a minute we stopped everything, and now for 10 minutes, all the kids are saying Tehillim for your platoon in Kfar Aza”.

The rocket attack and the miracle

“And exactly 10 minutes afterwards, you can hear a rocket before it hits. You can hear the whoosh. You know, that one is going 300 meters to the left, this is one kilometer to the right. You can hear everything. But at that [time], we heard the rocket that was coming, facing right towards us, and we all knew that that’s it. We’re going to die.

One guy shouted, “Shema Yisroel,” really, not a religious guy. He shouted “Shema Yisroel,” and that rocket fell right in the middle of my platoon. We are 19 soldiers, 8 were facing the fence. All the others were resting 10 meters behind and that rocket fell right in the middle, and it didn’t explode.” 

The Jewish people are all together

“It’s like a miracle story, but it’s not really a miracle because when everyone does what he can do, that’s the thing that works. What we saw, we knew that it can never happen again. There is no dati’im [religious] or chilonim [non-religious], we are all [united] together. When you fight with someone, it doesn’t matter really who he is. He is there for you. He will protect you with his life, I will protect them with my life – the same story, the story of the Jewish people. It’s not different. It doesn’t matter if you live in Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv, or a settlement in Har Bracha. We all fight together for the same reason, and for the same things that happen to all of our people. Those are our people that were murdered and kidnapped.”