Two-minute drill – Parshat Vayechi

“Why do we bless our children to be like Ephraim and Menashe?

What does “Jew” mean? – Parshat Vayigash

“The job of the Jewish people in this world is to testify that there is a G-d.

Wake Up Calls

“It’s not easy to change ingrained habits. But Chanukah, which…falls during this week’s Parshah [Miketz], carries with it a relevant message in this regard. Take one day at a time. One doesn’t have to do it all at once. One light at a time is all it takes.

The Heroism of Tamar (Vayeshev)

“Judah could acknowledge his error without loss of face. It was from this episode that the Sages derived the rule…it is better to risk being thrown into a fiery furnace than to shame someone else in public.

In the Merit of Esav

“When R’ Yochanan ben Zakkai asked his disciples to go and see which is the best quality to which a man should cling, his disciple R’ Eliezer answered: ‘A good eye’. What he meant here was…the ability to see the good in a person or situation.

Parshas Vayeitzei

“Ya’akov Avinu…went to his destination in order to extend the greatness of HaShem’s Presence even to a place where His Presence was hidden.

The Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

“Jewish wisdom is about integrating knowledge and understanding into our daily lives.

Parshat Chayei Sarah: Is Alienation the Unavoidable Price of Revolutionary Thinking?

“The ability to spread God’s message demands inner strength combined with warm openness to those outside.

Why Believing in God Should Make You More Kind

“Abraham realized that he could create an affinity with God by emulating Him.  The more he resembled God, the closer he would become to Him.

The Purpose of My Soul

“Rashi brings the Talmud’s comment in Sanhedrin 108a on Noach’s status as a ‘perfect tzaddik in his generation’…

Rav Kook…explains that every Soul has its unique purpose and mission. This mission can only be accomplished at a particular time in history. Souls are time released to the generation to which they belong. If that Neshama would come into this world at a different time in history it would be unable to make its contribution or fulfill its function and purpose…