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Acquiring Emunah

Acquiring Emunah

Ashear, Rabbi David
February 28, 2021

“To understand that our physical lives are totally b’yad Hashem [in G-d’s hands] will remove so much stress, so much worry, so much heartache…


People think that they have more control than they do… We go through the motions, we make a hishtadlut [personal effort]… but we really have no say.


Our real purpose in this world is to take the circumstances that Hashem put you in and choose correctly, and be the best you can be in that situation and rise to the challenges and [keep] the 613 mitzvot [commandments] and get close to Hashem in the place that He put you. There is no better way to elevate yourself in this world than to acquire this midah of emnuah.”