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The Kabbalah of Speech

The Kabbalah of Speech

Hendrie, Shifra
March 8, 2021

“Words create! The words we use -whether in speech or thought- play a central role in ‘shaping’ the reality.


G-d created the world with words: when G-d said: ‘Let there be light’ these words became the creative force that brought into being what we know as light.


According to Kabbalah (branch of Jewish Tradition that deals with the deepest principles of the Creation) words and letters are the actual building blocks–the raw material–of creation. Everything has a name in the Holy Tongue, and each letter of that name is a channel for a specific Divine energy. The energies of these letters and the way they are combined determines the particular unique characteristics of everything in existence.

Human beings have been invested with the power and the purpose to act as a partner in creation… The words we use actually bring things to life, meaning that the energy they release are capable to shape the reality.


Words of love create nurturing and connection. Words of praise inspire confidence and peace. Words of hope generate positive action. Words of encouragement bring courage into being. Words of vision cause the soul to come alive.


So let’s choose your words with care–and let there be life!”