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The Power of Torah Learning – Post 1

The Power of Torah Learning – Post 1

Friedman, Rabbi Manis
June 23, 2021

Science can tell us a lot about how or what… was created… [but through Torah study] we get to know… what motivated G-d [to create the word]… What are we supposed to do for Him?… You will find certain answers in the written Torah,… in the Talmud,… the Mishna and all the Rabbinic writings from all the generations…not only about the commandments but about the Commander.


…there is no way we can guess what motivates G-d… The only way we can know what motivates G-d is if He tells us Himself. And that is why, in a certain way, it is perfectly logical to assume that somewhere in history, G-d communicated His intentions, His plan, His vision for the world…


How do we understand G-d’s language? For this we had Moses, our teacher, explaining it and then we had the sages of all generations… the whole chain of transmission of the Torah… 4000 years worth of tradition starting with Abraham… We have a vast amount of knowledge about Him, about G-d Himself. The more we study, the closer we get to Him and the closer He gets to us. The objective is to bring G-d from Heaven down to earth.”