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The Power of Torah Learning – Post 2

The Power of Torah Learning – Post 2

Friedman, Rabbi Manis
July 6, 2021

“The objective is to bring G-d from Heaven down to earth. Not like religions claim, that the purpose of religion… Torah and the… commandments [are] to get us to Heaven. That was never true… You don’t spend 100 years on earth just to go back to where you came from. So the Torah is telling us what G-d needs from us on earth… We are not trying to get to Heaven, we are trying to bring G-d down to earth. Why? Because that is what He wants. He wants to be at home on earth, not in Heaven…


Before you study Torah, G-d is unknowable. What does a creation know about a creator? But because G-d wants to be intimate with his… creation, He makes Himself known… ‘Think about me,’ G-d is saying, ‘Get to know Me… invite me into your life’…


He doesn’t want us to [only] keep believing in Him… Belief means distant, mysterious, unknowable… G-d doesn’t want to be your belief, he wants to be your reality, and that can only happen… by studying Torah. We get to know Him. More than anything else, that is what He wants. ‘Think My thoughts, quote My words, do My jobs…’ So there is getting to know G-d, there is imitating G-d. All of that is meant to bring G-d down to earth.”