Beit Hamikdash with light shinning around it behind the walls of the kotel

When the Cracks Appear, Let the Light Enter – Part 1

When the Cracks Appear, Let the Light Enter – Part 1

Jacobson, Rabbi YY
July 14, 2021

“It is a well-known dictum in Judaism, that G-d is, so to speak, ‘bound’ by Jewish law… This raises a major question: It is a biblical prohibition to destroy the Holy Temple or any part of it… How, then, could G-d destroy the Holy Temple…?

The answer is [that there is] only one way in which it is permissible to destroy a synagogue: When the purpose is to rebuild the synagogue in the very same location. Why?

When you are destroying a synagogue to rebuild it elsewhere, you are doing an act of destruction, even if your intention is to rebuild it elsewhere. But if you are destroying a synagogue in order to rebuild it in this very place, then the very demolition is not an act of destruction, but rather the beginning of renovation.

So it was with G-d’s destruction of the Holy Temple: The demolition itself was the beginning of a renovation of the Third Temple to be built in its very space.”