A Night to Remember: On the Essence of Rosh Hashanah

“Rosh Hashanah [is] the day when the first human was created,… when small, frail, vulnerable and lowly human beings invite G-d to serve as their King.


But why does G-d need us to coronate Him?


Here lay one of the great and daring ideas of Judaism. G-d, the perfect endless one, desired to be king not through power or by the dictates of nature. He desired to be chosen as king; He wanted a relationship with someone distinct of Him who would freely choose to construct a bond with G-d.


So an infinite, omnipotent G-d suspends His infinity, suppresses His endlessness and concealed His omnipotence, in order to allow space for an intelligent, independent and self-oriented human being who is then capable of choosing G-d as his or her king.”