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Ten Days of Teshuva – 1

Ten Days of Teshuva – 1

Haber, Rabbi Yaakov
September 13, 2021

“Rosh Hashana is the date of the creation of the first human beings. On that very first day…Adam and Chava committed the very first sin.


God judged them and forgave them. God said, ‘Just as you were judged before me on this day and emerged forgiven, so will your children be judged this day and emerge forgiven.’


Adam was similar to his Creator. When he sinned he damaged his soul and weakened the similarity. From that time on, all of humanity… is mandated to rebuild the ‘broken soul’ of Adam and to restore the image of God for which Adam was named.

What Adam… lost can be described as a godly ‘light’ which illuminated his soul. This light is radiated outward through the Ten Sefirot. The Sefirot are the divine emanations that form the infrastructure of the world.


The Ten Days between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur correspond to the Ten Sefirot.”