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Finding the Love in the Destruction – Part 2

Finding the Love in the Destruction – Part 2

Lipitz, Ani
July 19, 2022

“Each human being is a microcosm of the universe at large… But it is precisely during these periods of deepest darkness that the light of compassion shines the strongest in our souls, that the Infinite Itself is revealed before us. Because destruction, like all other forces in the universe, is filled with Divine purpose.

The chassidic masters teach that the inner purpose of the Holy Temple’s destruction is to facilitate the ultimate building of the next and final Holy Temple, which will signify humanity’s elevation to the ultimate state of geulah, G-d-consciousness. So, too, in the microcosm of our lives, the inner purpose of all destruction is the ultimate construction of a new and higher consciousness, of a fortified Temple within each of us where the Essence of the Infinite is manifestly revealed.


Within darkness, the most potent light is hidden. Within chaos, the highest Divine order is concealed. It is up to us to reveal it.”