Beit Hamikdash surrounded by hills

Do remember the past, but do not be held captive by it

Do remember the past, but do not be held captive by it

Adler Lambert, Rivkah & Mendlowitz, Ariella
August 1, 2022

“Jews never forgot those tragedies. To this day, at every wedding, we break a glass in their memory.


Two and a half thousand years is a long time to remember… is it really right to remember?


…memory is different from history. Memory is my story. It’s about where I come from and of what narrative I am a part.


History answers the question, ‘What happened?’


Memory answers the question, ‘Who, then, am I?’ It is about identity and the connection between the generations. In the case of collective memory,

all depends on how we tell the story.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is the knowledge of where we have come from, the things for which we fought, and why. None of the things we value — freedom, human dignity, justice — was achieved without a struggle. A society without memory is like a journey without a map. It’s all too easy to get lost.”