Open book of Tehillim with the word Tehillim written across it

Tehilim – Psalms – Lessons for Self-Growth – Post 3

Tehilim – Psalms – Lessons for Self-Growth – Post 3

Kin, Rabbi Elyahu
May 18, 2023

“There are certain events in our life that [specific] chapters in Tehillim are very befitting for, and if one says [them], the words… have a segula – a certain metaphysical power – to be able to [help us] in whatever [issues] we are dealing with, [such as] an operation someone is about to go through, someone who wants to find their zivug and is having a hard time finding their soulmate,… someone who is having trouble finding a job, etc… There are [chapters of Tehillim] designated for those particular events where we need help, where we want Hashem’s protection.”


Tehillim (psalms) are recited by Jewish people collectively and individually, to offer praise and thanksgiving to Hashem, and in times of crisis and need for help from Above.


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