Painting of shabbos candles below a cloud with light shining down

The Ikkar (main aspect) of Yom Tov (festival holy days)

The Ikkar (main aspect) of Yom Tov (festival holy days)

The Sefat Emet, translated by A. Green
September 10, 2023

“These are the appointed seasons of the Lord, holy assemblies

that you shall call forth in their appointed times.”

(Vayikra 23:4)


“The inner life force of God that exists within all creatures is revealed on these festivals. That is why they are called ‘mikra’ey kodesh’, ‘holy assemblies’… [One] can call forth the holiness of these days, and also… the holiness itself calls forth to us.


‘Holy’ refers to the innermost point [of Divine essence within in each creature]. Even though this point gives life to all, it remains separated from the physical being; God is holy and separate. [However, on the Holy Days, this holiness is revealed].”


– Teaching from the Sefat Emet


“Yom Tov” describes the Holy Days on the Jewish calendar that Hashem commanded us to observe.


These days, like Shabbat, we refrain from certain types of creative work and celebrate with special prayers, festive clothing, and meals.


These days reveal a significant change in the cosmic dimension. During Yom Tov, we elevate ourselves by abstaining from any creative work and accepting the sovereignty of Hashem over the whole creation – while Hashem makes a portion of the hidden divine light available to us.


– Emor Project