The Sin of the Spies

“The Torah teaches that when one’s ‘vision’ is driven by a connection with God, then the ability to achieve transcends all boundaries.

Until the Flame Rises Up on its Own

“Spiritually, this means that a superficial love of God from obligation or a sense of duty will not do, as that is something that is imposed from without.

Parshat Nasso 5773 – The Number 8

“This world is bound by 7…[The number] 8 is on a higher level… [It] represents something that is…beyond this world

The Sound of Silence – Bamidbar

“To hear the voice of God you need a listening silence in the soul.

The Promise Of The Land – Parshat Bechukotai

“The Ramban…points out that the desolation of the land of Israel is really a blessing in disguise.

A Mountain of Light

“The Torah which was given at Mount Sinai is itself referred to light. Thus, there exists a deep and essential synergy between the infinite light of God as revealed in the Torah and the physical, material world that God has created.

Radical Uncertainty – Parshat Emor

“It becomes important to embed in a people’s memory the knowledge that we can handle the unknown. God is with us, giving us the courage we need.

The Omer and Holiness – Parshas Kedoshim

“The Ramban explains kedushah—holiness—is not merely about how you deal with that which is forbidden to you.

Living Torah – Parashas Acharei Mot-Kedoshim

“How is it that keeping the Torah gives us life? Surely we have life even if we don’t keep the Torah.

Why Do We Love Gossip?

When we speak disparagingly about other people…the words being spoken are broken, coming from human beings who are themselves broken.