Why You Should Be a Proud Jew

“When Jethro heard of the powerful institutions of Judaism…he fell in love with Torah and joined the People of the Book.

Midos Tovos Are The Key: Parshas Yisro

“The reason the additional parsha which earned ‘Yeser’ his name begins with Yisro’s proposal for a solution (rather than his recognition of the problem) is because criticism is never an addition. Anyone can criticize. Anyone can come along and say ‘That is not a good idea.’ ‘What you are doing does not work….

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Yitro: The Good Midianite

The challenge is whether we are able to listen when advice and even criticism comes from someone who does not share our own commitments. Moshe meets this challenge and teaches us that we need to listen to what others have to say if it is correct.