The Quest

“G-d wants us to develop our world…not to escape it.

The Quest

“Though Korach’s deeds were sinful and destructive, his motivation was meritorious.

The Color of Heaven – Parshat Korach

“When a Jew wears a four-cornered garment, he has a mitzvah, a commandment, to attach four threads to each of its corners. These threads are called tzitzit. One of these threads is the color of tekhelet… which is a reflection of the blue of the sea, and the blue of the sea is a reflection of the blue of the sky, and the blue of the sky is a reflection of a mystical concept called the Kisei HaKavod, a throne on which, so to speak, Hashem sits.

Yaakov Recognized That Without Unity, The Jewish People Have No Hope: Parshas Korach

“The Talmud says that Shalom is one of the names of the Almighty [Shabbos 10b]. …This too is the reason we may invoke the Name of G-d to say hello to someone. When Jews are at peace with one another, the Shechinah dwells amongst us. When we are not living in peace, the Almighty removes His Presence from amongst us. It is worthwhile to use the Name of G-d to greet someone and be friendly, thereby promoting unity amongst the Jewish people.