Shvat: Filling the Bucket

“The mission of the Jewish people is to serve as a spiritual bucket, pouring out spiritual ‘water’ by making the Torah’s teaching accessible to the entire world

How Do Jews Celebrate Birthdays?

“G-d said to you: ‘You, as an individual, are unique and irreplaceable. No person…can fulfill the specific role in My creation I have entrusted to you…

What’s So Special About Your Jewish Birthday?

“Your birthday is your personal Rosh Hashanah—utilize it to its utmost!

What Happened on Your Birthday?

“The specialness of a person’s date of birth [is] as a time of empowerment and opportunity.

What Is a Jewish Birthday?

“Your Jewish birthday has a dual significance:

Unifying the Physical and Spiritual

“One of Judaism’s basic goals is the unification of the physical and spiritual realms, both on the practical and mystical levels.

The Mystery of Cycles – Post 2

“When we become masters of time we come to realize that time is a four-dimensional spiral, continuing to return to the same place, but at each revolution on a higher plane.”

Tav: The Twenty-Second Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

“The tav is made up of three lines [which]… represent Torah study (thought), prayer (speech), and the performance of good deeds (action).

Shin (Sin): The Twenty-First Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

“The three lines of the shin may be interpreted as three gen­eral dimensions of a human being: Kesser (will and pleasure), the intellect, and the emotions.

Resh: The Twentieth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

“The reish, at times poor and at times wicked, has the ability to do teshuvah. It can awake from its slumber and repent. The reish can truly be transformed into the rosh: the head of the Jewish people.