Should women give Machatzit HaShekel?

“Purim is a time of giving. For those of us women who are blessed with sufficient funds and the ability to do so, it is a great time to contribute our part to support our community, financially and spiritually, and donate zecher l’machatzit ha-shekel.”

Esther’s Fast: Rules, Meaning, What Is Esther’s Fast & How To Do It

These three days of fasting were a national rallying cry for salvation. The whole nation was united behind Esther, and God indeed answered their prayers.

How to Celebrate Purim

We celebrate Purim, commemorating our nation’s miraculous salvation more than two millennia ago, with 4 distinct mitzvot.

Why Is There a Purim Katan (Small Purim)?

“There is an opinion in the Talmud that Purim should be celebrated in Adar I based on the rule [that] ‘one does not ‘pass over’ or forego the performance of the mitzvahs’

Even in the Worst Darkness, G-d is Calling Out To You

“How am I supposed to feel hope in this situation? I don’t see an end in sight

Facemasks and Purim Masks: The Pandemic’s First Anniversary

“Like Purim, at times God puts on a mask and conceals His presence and His purpose. But as Purim also teaches us, miracles of salvation are part of the story as well

Purim Introduction 5781

“Purim is a spiritually powerful day in which the original energies and potential of the first Purim are released and available for us to tap into.

Turning Noga Into Chashmal

“Esther turned noga into chashmal and invites us to follow her lead: When faced with a range of options (ie, noga), identify the paradoxical tugs, acknowledge the truths of each, alternate between them, pick up the pace, find the point of stillness (chashmal), pray for counsel, feel the gate of knowing open, receive the guidance (ruach hakodesh), act upon it, trust the process, then proceed on your way.