If HKBH knows what is best for us, why do we pray for a particular outcome?

HKBH deeply desires our tefillot (prayers)

How Do Jews Celebrate Birthdays?

“G-d said to you: ‘You, as an individual, are unique and irreplaceable. No person…can fulfill the specific role in My creation I have entrusted to you…

What’s So Special About Your Jewish Birthday?

“Your birthday is your personal Rosh Hashanah—utilize it to its utmost!

What Happened on Your Birthday?

“The specialness of a person’s date of birth [is] as a time of empowerment and opportunity.

What Is a Jewish Birthday?

“Your Jewish birthday has a dual significance:

The Mystery of Cycles – Post 2

“When we become masters of time we come to realize that time is a four-dimensional spiral, continuing to return to the same place, but at each revolution on a higher plane.”

The Mystery of Cycles – Post 1

“By understanding the Divine cycle of seven, as manifest first in the six days of creation and the culminating Shabbat, and subsequently sealed in all cycles of Jewish time and ritual, we enter into a Divine context of time.

The Jewish Calendar, Explained

“Have you ever wondered how the Jewish calendar works and how it came about?

Why Eat Kosher (Post 3)

“Kashruth, similar to the observance of all other mitzvot, affects one’s character

Why Eat Kosher (Post 2)

“Eating has profound effects, both physically and spiritually