Yom Kippur: The Joy Within The Holiest Day

“When one is involved in teshuva m’ahavah, if one repents out of love for G-d, his averot (sins) transform to good deeds, to merits!

Ten Days of Teshuva – 2

These Ten Days [between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur] are a special time when each individual is given the potential to restore the light of these Sefirot into their souls.

By addressing each particular Sefirah, studying and understanding its quality, processing it and internalizing it into our lives in an actualized way, we can alter the fabric of our very soul.

The true work of these Ten Days has more to do with delving into our inner selves and disciplining our day-to-day behavior than conceptualizing or attempting to approach the sublime.

These Ten Days [are an] opportunity… because day by day we are gifted with a special infusion of energy from Above helping us to understand, address, and ultimately alter our lives.

Ten Days of Teshuva – 1

“Rosh Hashana is the date of the creation of the first human beings. On that very first day…Adam and Chava committed the very first sin.

God judged them and forgave them. God said, ‘Just as you were judged before me on this day and emerged forgiven, so will your children be judged this day and emerge forgiven.’

Being Judged Is a Compliment

“The Days of Awe are Awesome because we can’t believe how committed and how obsessed G-d is with us. It’s an awesome love!

The Holiness of Your Sins: How the Kabbalah Reconciles Free Choice and Divine Providence

“The Talmud teaches something very profound: When somebody repents out of awe, out of fear- their sins are absolved. When someone repents out of love, their sins become mitzvot.