The True Meaning of Divine Judgement

“…The relationship between us and G-d is a partnership. Partners are accountable to each other. In the month of Elul, we do our accounting. Rosh Hashana is audit day. G-d checks the books to see how we took care of His investment in us.

Chai Elul: Breathing New Life Into Our Divine Service

“The birthday of a tzadik, a righteous person, has a strong connection and a profound effect on the month in which the birthday occurs.”

Being Judged Is a Compliment

“The Days of Awe are Awesome because we can’t believe how committed and how obsessed G-d is with us. It’s an awesome love!

A Unique Opportunity for Real Change

“Is there any real reason to make resolutions specifically for the new year?… Yes!

Learning to be Free

Identifying damaging patterns and personal bias is an essential step on a journey to freedom from our personal bondage.

In one way or another, we’re all enslaved [by our inward psyche or our outside circumstances].

Elul: A Time of Hope and The Power to Change

“From [Moshe’s] unwavering faith in G-d’s mercy comes the power of Elul. It is the power of hope. … [Each day of Elul] we relive each step of Moses’ journey–his prayers, his pleading, his hope. We work on breaking the ‘golden idols’ that we worship and…that don’t allow us to access our true selves. ……… Continue reading Elul: A Time of Hope and The Power to Change

Why We Blow the Shofar Every Day of Elul

“Moses ascends Mt. Sinai for the third time to pray and beseech G-d to forgive the people. He will remain there for 40 days, descending on Yom Kippur, when he finally succeeds in his mission.   The shofar was sounded when Moses ascended on Rosh Chodesh Elul and every day afterwards.   This is why…… Continue reading Why We Blow the Shofar Every Day of Elul

The Spiritual Energy of the Month of Elul

“The Hebrew calendar…is a spiral staircase that winds around, cycling the events of history, drawing their energy ever upwards.

The King is in the Field

“The [dominant theme] that runs throughout the month of Elul is that a disadvantaged time may be transformed into an opportunity, if… we are able to understand that the situation is a starting point from which we can move forward… with the firm belief that God is Infinite and Omnipresent even in what seems to…… Continue reading The King is in the Field

The King in the Field

“Elul is a time to prepare for the ‘Days of Awe’ of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur by repenting the failings of the past and resolving for the future; to immerse oneself in Torah study, prayer and charitable activities.