Shana Tova

Emor Project wishes you all a healthy new year filled with overflowing revealed blessings in all areas of ruchaniut and gashmiut (spirituality & physicality).

A Night to Remember: On the Essence of Rosh Hashanah

“Rosh Hashanah [is] the day when the first human was created …when small, frail, vulnerable and lowly human beings invite G-d to serve as their King.

But why does G-d need us to coronate Him?

The True Meaning of Divine Judgement

“…The relationship between us and G-d is a partnership. Partners are accountable to each other. In the month of Elul, we do our accounting. Rosh Hashana is audit day. G-d checks the books to see how we took care of His investment in us.

Being Judged Is a Compliment

“The Days of Awe are Awesome because we can’t believe how committed and how obsessed G-d is with us. It’s an awesome love!

A Unique Opportunity for Real Change

“Is there any real reason to make resolutions specifically for the new year?… Yes!

Rosh Hashanah at Home: How to Embrace the Opportunity

“A helpful first step is to remember that nothing happens without God’s guidance. Our prayer services haven’t simply fallen victim to the blind menace of COVID-19. The High Holidays this year present us with an opportunity to reach new heights of meaning and connection.


Nitzavim: Doing Business with Hashem

“Since the mitzvah of teshuva with all its benefits appear toward the end of the Torah that we read at the end of the year, then teshuva qualifies as the ‘end of the season sale’; now, teshuva is a bargain.